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Succeeding In The International Arena
“To establish oneself in the world, one does all one can to seem established there already.”
  Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Even in today’s top business schools, international business protocol and etiquette is not being taught. The business strategies we use in the United States are often very different when compared to strategies used abroad. Therefore, knowledge of this information is critical if you are going to be successful in international business.

To succeed in a global economy, executives must be aware of cultural differences, styles and expressions that are offensive. In order to establish a relationship that will be mutually beneficial, knowledge of international protocol is essential in today’s global arena.

Your manners, especially you table manners, are very important to executives in and from other countries. Outside of the United States, manners are important qualifications for executive positions. You will need the same qualifications to compete successfully in any arena. The Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol will teach you dining skills vital to every social occasion where business may be promoted or conducted.

To successfully entertain international visitors in the United States, you must have a firm grasp of cultural differences and expectations. Many business deals have been lost to executives who were unaware of differences in business styles from one county to another.
“If you don’t think globally, you deserve to be unemployed….and you will be.”
  Peter F. Drucker
• Becoming World Class Competitive
• Meetings
• Cross-Cultural Awareness
• Getting the Edge in International Matters
• Presenting an International Image
• Dine Like A Diplomat
• And much more!

Ms. Madison is available to speak to University groups of International Students on Global Protocol and Business.
“It has been a pleasure working with you on presenting business etiquette programs to our graduate students as well as international protocol for our international students.”
—Wharton School, MBA Graduate Program: Michelle Antonio, Senior Associate Director
“I attended your presentation on etiquette at The Wharton School and I was floored. Not only was it engaging, but you provided us with a wealth of knowledge that I know will become very useful in our near and distant futures. In fact, I actually found myself using the Continental Style of dining that you taught me in my recent trip to Paris.”
—B. Chen, Executive Vice President – The Ivy League Council, University of Pennsylvania
“The students are still raving about your presentation. It was the best we have ever had!”
—R. Verona, Rutgers University Law School
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